During his indoor training, the athlete can view in realtime the instantaneous values of cadence, power and heart rate

He also has the ability to see the trend over time assesses the work of your workout instantly.

When finished, the collected data can be saved and/or exported to be analyzed with specific software for post-analisys or imported into the portals of their team to be analyzed by the D.S./preparator located in distant places.

For athletes, both young and evolved, we created a special version specific solely training which can be free or guided.

The training consists of loading led a training session prepared by a D.S., coach or the athlete himself, containing all the information related to mantaining or reaching target power, as well as maintaining or reaching cadence, gear to use, plus the information necessary to inform the athlete on the proper execution of training.

The cycloergometers currently supported are:

- Lemond Revolution (www.lemondfitness.com)
Lemond  Test On Lemond

- Elite TurboMuin (www.elite-it.com)
TurboMuin  Test On TurboMuin

- Ciclomulino Porter (www.ciclomulino.com) with or without Kisciotte (www.salvabyte.it/)
Ciclomulino Kisciotte

This software support ANT+ TM devices (see notes below), and can also be used with:

- Wheels Power Tap (www.cycleops.com) mounted on friction rollers
- Bicycles installed with the SRM (http://www.srm.de) and mounted on any type of bicycle ergometer
- Bicycles mounted on friction rollers classics, that mount sensors ANT + speed and cadence (in this case the calculation of the power is experimental and not certified)

The application implements the support for the connection to ANT+ devices like:

ANt+  ANt+  ANt+  ANt+  ANt+ 

Thanks to this, the software can read real time data from ANT+ enabled heart rate and pedaling sensors.

Possible configurations

- Lemond Revolution with his Power Pilot
- Lemond Revolution with ANT+ speed sensor
- SRM mounted on any power trainer
- Power2Max mounted on any power trainer
- PowerTap mounted on friction rollers or rollers
- Ciclomulino with Kisciotte
- Ciclomulino with ANT+ speed sensor


- ANT+ sensor support requires an ANT USB Stick (ANTUSB2 or ANTUSB-m). These are provided by some brands in their product bundles, and are also available from store.selfloops.com
- Reads data from ANT+ bike speed, bike cadence, bike power and heart rate sensors. Visit www.thisisant.com/directory for a list of compatible products.

Software and hardware requirements

- Operating system Microsoft Windows XP / Vista
- Operating system Microsoft Windows 7
- Operating system Microsoft Windows 8 (currently being tested)
- The personal computer must have at least 1 GB of RAM
- MacOX version coming soon

  This product is ANT+ TM certified.
  Visit www.thisisant.com/directory for a list of compatible products.

Information on the brands mentioned.
Lemond and Lemond Revolution Power Pilot are registered trademarks and the property of LeMond Fitness
Garmin is a registered trademark and Garnin Ltd
Motorola is a trademark of Motorola Inc. Solution
CycleOps is a trademark of Saris Cycling Group
SRM is a trademark of Schoberer Rad Messtechnik GmbH SRM
Ciclomulino is a proprietary product of Porter
Kisciotte is a proprietary product of the SPIN Italy srl
ANT+  is a Copyright ANT Wiresless, a division of Dynastream Innovations Inc.

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